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Rick is still on sabbatical in Spain, where he’s been enjoying the sights and taken quite a few photographs. He sent us a few to see for ourselves. Here’s an excerpt from his email:

I’ve been taking lots of pictures here and thought I’d send some your way. I’m staying in a town called Javea in an area of Spain called the Costa Blanca. Spain is on Central European Time which is six hours ahead of Eastern Time.
When I first arrived here in early March, the beach was empty. Europeans go absolutely crazy for Easter and it has been getting steadily busier here as we head toward that holiday. The peak of the crowds is in July and August but I will be back home in Canada long before then.

I love the scenery here but I miss the band a lot!! I have met several musicians in the pubs here and they are really quite good.

Thanks again for getting the material online so that I can keep up with all the developments. The latest pictures from Garth are fantastic!

We wish Rick well and look forward to his return.

Photograph by Rick taken in Spain.

Image from Balcony

Here’s a beautiful shot by Rick taken in Spain. It warms the hearts of anyone here in Ottawa, where we can only dream of summer.


A photograph of a beach in Spain.

Photograph by Rick taken in Spain
Photograph by Rick taken in Spain.


A canal in Spain.